As Iotagraf Software, in all our projects, the main roadmap of our Project Management Processes is presented to you as a draft and the project is planned, initiated, implemented, monitored and controlled and closed by analyzing time, cost, scope and quality.

Project management processes may differ due to the conditions imposed by your business, the sector in which it operates and your own business culture. Planning The processes defined at the stage determine the draft, these processes are revised, designed and adapted to your company.

Sometimes, even companies in the same sector may differ in their project management processes. The project management system that is successfully implemented in one company may not be implemented with the same success in another company. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the project management processes are carried out in accordance with the project management systems suitable for your company and your unique company culture design gains strategic value.

There are nine important functions in our Project Management Processes. These functions provide the specific information needed for projects to succeed, helps to analyze whether the objectives have been achieved.