Due to the ever-evolving nature of software, the distinction between development work to be carried out in this field and routine changes is more important than in other sectors. difficult. 'Innovation' in software development is the main criterion for distinguishing R&D from other activities.

Iotagraf, get help or advice on IT problems As the Iotagraf software team, our goal is to carry out creative work on a systematic basis to increase our technological knowledge we have acquired so far and to use this knowledge to design new software.

In our view, the concept of innovation is a new or significantly improved software or process in internal practices, workplace organization or external relations, is the realization of a new marketing method or a new organizational method.

Software innovation is the introduction of new software that is new or significantly improved over existing features or anticipated uses. This significant improvements in technical specifications, components and materials, assembled software, user-friendliness and other functional characteristics includes.

Due to the ever-evolving nature of software, it is more difficult than in other sectors to distinguish between R&D efforts and routine changes. Innovation is the main criterion for distinguishing R&D from other activities.

Although the changes made to adapt a software or infrastructure to a new application or customer are outside the scope of R&D, the redesign of certain modules of a software, changing its technology and structure gain value as a new R&D study. For this reason, all of our works that will add added value to our software already in use constitute our R&D activities.

Likewise, in order for new software that will provide solutions on a specific subject to gain R&D value, the solutions to be provided by the application must offer significant innovations compared to competing products in the market. We propose, plan, design and install information technologies, hardware and software systems suitable for your business and your business to our valued industrial and commercial customers.

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