Software that will continue to function correctly, even under any kind of attack or threat, is called 'Secure Software'.

To prevent attacks against software, Iotagraf software is designed and developed in accordance with software security principles. In this context, respectively software security principles, software security methods, security testing tools are used.

The least possible authority and knowledge to get things done with sharing to provide,
Controlling all access,
Separating powers and authorities,
Commonly accessed resources are accessed differently to provide access through channels,
Identify the weakest link and empowerment,
Reducing the attack surface area,
Build defense depth.

Database Security Solutions

Apart from the secure design of the software, another factor that threatens security is the risk of Database Security. The level of database risk varies from business to business and also depends on the degree of sensitivity of the information stored in it. Database security is of great importance for organizations that hold critical data such as users' credit card or identity information. The fact that databases hold such important personal and financial information makes these systems the target of cyber attacks. Database security is of great importance for organizations because it stores high-value informatio is in demand.

Access and Authentication Control

Recording logs that keep important information such as who accessed the database, when, by what method and what content.

Security Activities Audit

Creating a complete list of unauthorized and suspicious activities in the database and keeping reports.

Vulnerability and Threat Audit

This auditing method aims to identify and fix vulnerabilities, but also to identify users who are trying to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Changes in Audit

Implementing a simple configuration for the audit process in the first place and then changing and adapting the audit policies depending on the requirements In this way, all your software that you will procure from us and use in your business, both for the continuous and healthy operation of the system and for the continuous and healthy operation of the system within the system. we ensure that all your data is secure.